This Will Destroy You w/ This Patch of Sky @ WOW Hall - Eugene, OR

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This Will Destroy You is currently on tour to promote a double-album drop. In September and October, the band released New Others Part One and New Others Part Two, respectively. As part of their west coast run, they teamed up with Oregon post-rock locals, This Patch of Sky, for the Portland and Eugene stops. Both bands use only the language of music to express nonverbally.

This Patch of Sky, from Eugene, OR, opened for This Will Destroy You with a melodic brand of post-rock. Their sound often utilized ambient, soundscape build-ups into crashing climaxes. The cellist, Alex Abrams, added a unique aspect. 

A group of only four, This Will Destroy You defies the idea that bigger bands make a bigger sound. Together, they create such textures and volume that one would only expect from larger groups. The opening song from their first new record, “Melted Jubilee,” made for a perfectly appropriate start to the set, which followed with a mixture of tracks new and old. Of course, what better way to sandwich a calculated blend of hits than with the final song from the second new record, “Provoke?” Despite the small capacity of the WOW Hall, their was a tenacious demand for an encore, to which TWDY obliged. They ended the night with “The World is Our ______,” a crowd favorite from their debut album and a thought-provoking sendoff.