Slothrust @ Dangerbird Records - Los Angeles, CA

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Slothrust, a grunge-rock trio from Boston, closed out a backyard party hosted by Dangerbird Records in Los Angeles on February 15, 2018. Upon first listen, it’s clear that the band encapsulates the early 90’s zeitgeist, perhaps drawing inspiration from the same pool as the Pixies and Nirvana. However, Slothrust sets themselves apart from genre counterparts, in their ability to turn alternative rock conventions inside out.

The inventive musicians leverage their background in jazz and blues to augment traditional riffs with unpredictable vibrant notes, a vast range of cadence, and exciting pop hooks. Slothrust captivates listeners with an auditory kaleidoscope, expertly melding echoes of post-punk, indie guitar rock, classic pop, and surf rock.

Leah Wellbaum (guitarist/vocalist) delivers emotionally raw, nostalgic, and sometimes cryptic lyrics through a vast range of vocal diction, passionately sliding from velvet sensuality into a ferocious roar. Her standalone vocals and shredding guitar solos are complemented by Kyle Bann’s (bassist) masterful bass lines and Will Gorin’s (drummer) hard-hitting drum rhythms. The band’s powerful charisma is rooted in a juxtaposition between emotional authenticity and magnetic playfulness.


Check out their newest album, Show Me How You Want It to Be.