mc chris @ WOW Hall - Eugene, OR

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mc chris is back and he’s embracing his unique nerdcore style with pride. A little older, a little wiser, and a little frustrated with parenthood, he’s on tour again to deliver some pure entertainment to anyone smart enough to grab a ticket. Supporting him on his stop at WOW Hall in Eugene run were geek-culture-inspired heavy metal cosplayers, Bitforce

“I’m here, everybody!” mc chris said with a hand in the air, casually strolling out to the stage. “I look like the kid from Jurassic Park all grown up!” He got things started with some self-deprecating jokes and an adorably vulgar conversation with two little girls in the front row about the ridiculousness of playing all-ages venues. Before any songs had even played, the air was full of enjoyment, and even when he began with the music, the humor never sudsided. Between songs, he branded a permanent smile on everyone’s faces by venting about the horrors of having 3-year-old, his Dad-Bod, recent bouts with insomnia, and, of course, the major plot holes in Return of the Jedi

 In addition to all the hilarious conversations with his awesome fans, the song setlist was jam-packed with favorites. “Neville,” “Pizza Butt,” “Solo,” and “Robotussin” each had the whole crowd in unison. And just when the night couldn’t get more intimate, mc chris invited anyone brave enough onstage with for his T-shirt contest, rewarding a lucky fan with a Nintendo Switch. After dancing with the little girls in the front row and taking a request from a sad soul in the back, the Hoodie Ninja closed out his half comedy/half hip hop show with his two hottest bangers, “Fette’s Vette” and “I Want Candy” before greeting a massive line of admirers at the merch table.