Hieroglyphics @ McDonald Theatre - Eugene, OR

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The hip hop population of Eugene, Oregon were all found under the roof of McDonald Theatre last Sunday, kicking it to the flows of Hiero and friends. Renowned rap group, Hieroglyphics are on a twenty-year anniversary tour, promoting two decades of their Third Eye Vision album from 1998. On tour with them is Rap Noir, Mike Wird, S.A.V.E.1, and Stoney Hawk. 

Stoney Hawk, a founding member of Living Legends, prepared the stage with extra steez, and finished his set by smoking a joint during his most popular track, “Purple Kush.” His charisma set the mood properly for the arrival of the Hiero Crew. 

Hieroglyphics came out all together, flaunting an epic stage presence to match the crowd’s enthusiasm. Members of the group took turns spitting their signature tracks, while others backed them up with stabs and built up the energy. The biggest cheers, of course, were saved for Hiero’s forefather, Del the Funkee Homosapien. 

Throughout the night, an atmosphere of celebration consistently filled the venue as the hip-hop champs played their hits like “All Things” and “Heatish."