G. Love's IPA Release - The Bier Stein - Eugene, OR

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Everyone loves G. Love's Special Sauce, and now that name can be found on a can of delicious beer thanks to the awesome folks at GoodLife Brewing Company. After playing a show and touring the brewery last year, G. Love and Goodlife got to talking about making a one-of-a-kind Special Sauce beer. Unlike most ideas that come and go, GoodLife Brewing actually made it happen and dubbed the concoction "G. Love's Special Sauce Danky Dankster IPA." 

G. Love and fans were ecstatic about the way the drink turned out, so the hip-blues soul man took it on the road for a micro tour. Starting with the GoodLife initial release party, the lucky people of Bend, Eugene, Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA all got to experience a free show, fully supplied with G. Love's quality, hop-heavy beers. 

Eugene's lovely night of Blues and Brews took place a the Bier Stein on Tuesday, June 19th. The crowd lined up out the door to purchase Danky Danksters while everyone else gathered around the man with the guitar. Thrilled to be surrounded by adoring friends and people drinking beer with his name on it, G. Love played a lively, sincere set that had all ages moving their feet. He sang, picked and slid guitar, and chugged away on his harmonica while the audience sucked back his dank IPAs. The setlist did not disappoint either, with classics such as "Rainbow" and "Early Rising," drinking anthems like "Drinkin' Wine" and "Cold Beverage," and even some new numbers like "Soul-B-Que" and "Fix Your Face," which he wrote with Keb Mo. Of course, being in Oregon, G. Love didn't forget to play "Who's Got the Weed" into "Wiggle Like a Worm" with an added verse from Snoop's "Gin & Juice" to keep the party mood alive. After thanking GoodLife, Bierstein, and all his loyal fans for sharing this joyous occasion with him, G. Love encored with "My Baby's Got Sauce," to which the entire bar sang along before polishing off the remaining stock of Special Sauce.