Epic Beard Men @ WOW Hall in Eugene, OR

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Sage Francis and B. Dolan are on the road promoting their long-awaited duo project, Epic Beard Men. They stopped in Eugene, OR at the WOW Hall and left the venue thunderstruck in their wake. 

Eye-opening truthsayers Sage and Dolan are writing and touring pals, both signed to Strange Famous Records. After much fan demand, they fused energies for a bearded, bald-headed, hip hop revelation. The Epic Beard Men record features a handful of new collaborations from the grizzlied geniuses, as well as a few tracks they’ve released together in the past on solo albums. Thursday night’s set reflected the new record with the addition of Sage Francis and B. Dolan’s respective top hits such as “Slow Down Ghandi” from A Healthy Distrust and “Film the Police” off of House of Bees Vol. II. During the latter, EBM asked the audience to light them with their phones, helping the message really sink in.

Faces painted in psychedelia, sporting Star Trek-inspired jerseys, both MCs brought the full force of their passion to the mic and transfixed the Eugene crowd with relentless rhymes and heavy-hitting subject matter. They even threw in a free physic freestyle reading for a lucky audience member. And despite their real-talk content, The Epic Beard Men didn’t forget to have fun with their new team-up. After powerhouse performances of “Sea Lion”, “Which Side Are You On?”, and “Damage,” the facial follicle prophets hopped off stage to give out daps, hugs, and autographs. ​