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Another year around the sun for Dean Ween! MFC would like to wish Mickey Melchiondo the happiest of birthdays and congratulate him on a tour-well-done. The Dean Ween Group just finished their most monumental tour yet. Continuing promotion of the new record, the West Coast installment of the Rock2 Tour was arguably the group’s tightest run thus far, not to mention they warmed up the stage for Mickey’s idols, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. 

The setlists featured a healthy balance of tunes from DWG’s two albums, a few Ween rarities such as “Leave Deaner Alone” and “I Wuz Nothing,” as well as teases from their “secret” third upcoming album entitled Kill the Guy with the Ball. The additional players for this leg of the tour were Dave Dreiwitz on bass, Simeon Cain on drums, and Bill Fowler on guitar. New Hope, PA’s very own Keith Kenny opened for Deaner every so often, joining in and shredding hard with the boys during the group vocal number, “Mercedes Benz.”

Dean Ween Group have only been improving, making the recent tour a must-see. And thanks to the dedicated fans at WeenStreamExchange, it’s still available to enjoy for free online. Bill and Mickey are doing great things together on the fretboard. By now, they’ve spent countless hours onstage together with both DWG and back home in New Hope at John & Peter’s frequent “Invitational.” Fowler and Melchiondo, paired with a solid rhythm section that includes Mickey’s most trusted bassist, provide songs Deaner has been playing for decades with new finesse. Dean Ween Group have finally taken shape with their own, unique presence, setting their shows apart from performances with his other half, Gene Ween. 

The added excitement from Mickey’s dream-come-true scenario of opening for P-Funk in Blue Lake, CA could also have given the band some extra oomph. “They’re my Beatles. I’m a little nervous,” he said timidly to the Eugene crowd on September 13th, encouraging them to join in the fun the following night. Needless to say, they blew the roof off the joint in Blue Lake with his P-Funk tributes “Tear for Eddie” and “Doo Doo Chasers,” receiving props from the headliner, which Mickey admitted kept a smile on his face for days. As if it couldn’t get more magical, Parliament-Funkadelic’s own Blackbyrd McKnight graced the stage with Dean Ween Group for their final Rock2 show in Los Angeles. Mickey must still be beaming. Funky things may be in store for the Kill the Guy with the Ball tour. 


*Additional photos provided by Ween Appreciation Society*