Blockhead @ Sessions Music Hal - Eugene, OR

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Tony Simon, AKA Blockhead has a long tour ahead of him for the release of his newest solo LP, Bubble Bath. From now until mid-March, hip-hop’s chillest DJ will be playing thirty dates across the US. 

On Saturday December 7th, Blockhead made his third stop of the tour in Eugene, Oregon, which was his first time back in almost exactly a year. 

With him on the first third of the tour, Eliot Lipp, opened the night at Sessions Music Hall downtown. Also a producer, Lipp pumped up the energy in the room with his dark, dynamic and loud beats. 

Blockhead also did what he does best and did it well. His style of hip hop instrumental never gets too climactic and always provides a feeling of positive contentment. And to please the crowd just a bit more, he always tends to implement a few soundbites from his days working with Aesop Rock. The new album was a perfect follow-up to its predecessors, as Simon seems to have solidified his unique sound over the decades of his immersion in producing. He doesn’t appear capable of putting out a bad record, even when he’s as prolific as two albums in one year. His live show had no intention of disappointing either, so of course, it did not.