The Stoned Gamer Championship 2017

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On Saturday, December 9th, a group of video game and cannabis enthusiasts gathered at a Los Angeles warehouse for a battle royale called The Stoned Gamer Championship.  The venue, typically used for events and filming, added character to the environment as well as providing an open space for everyone to see the action on the big screen, despite the thick smoke which filled the room.

While matches of the world-famed Capcon video game, Streetfighter, going on constantly a few choice cannabis vendors provided enough product for everyone in attendance to medicate in one way or another.  From dabs to edibles to even hot sauce, and of course, that sweet, sweet cheba, patrons had quite the variety to choose from.

Some of the vendors included Cali, Savage Nuggs and Apple Dabs.  Perhaps the most popular was the booth curated by Cali, where they were giving away grams of high-quality indoor product for a mere 5 bucks each.  At some points throughout the afternoon, the line trickled all the way from the operation on the second floor to past the area for the gamers on the first floor.  The incredible deal seemed to make up for the long line as everyone left smiling.

Another attraction going on down on the first floor were interviews taking place.  Select players from the tournament sat down with one of the hosts of the event for some post-game banter.  Echoes from three commentators could also be heard throughout the venue as players battled it out on the big screen.  

Perhaps my favorite part of the first floor was the pizza.  Yes, they had free pizza for attendees (as much as you could handle)!  To wash it down, a company called Molly Water provided all the H2O needed to keep participants hydrated throughout the event.

All in all, this was an interesting event and recommend it to any subculture enthusiast.  For more information about the what seems to be a monthly showdown beginning annually around April 20th, visit the link below.