The 4321 Event w/ Tipper & Friends Set to Amaze during 2017's Total Solar Eclipse

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From August 18th - 21st, folks from all over will be gathering to celebrate the total solar eclipse during The 4321 Event featuring Tipper & Friends.  In addition to music, patrons can look forward exploring topics that expand the mind and heal the soul.  Connecting with nature and her roots is a suitable theme for Astral Valley, Missouri, as this location is known for its natural freshwater springs clean enough to drink straight from the source.

As the lush grounds are explored, visitors will find various forms of land art.  Talented artists such as Gravity Glue, Miha Brenovich, Jaz Wraps, Hoodie Salinas, David Allen and Banjo will be rooting their work in with the flora and fauna for Tipper & Friends.  It will be interesting to discover how many pieces of art have been incorporated into the natural environment.  

The 4321 Event lineup will feature Tipper, OTT, Kid Koala, Blogtrotter, Mindex, Ion Driver, The Wood Brothers, Richard Divine, Lusine, Cut Chemist and several more noteworthy artists who will provide tribal beats with a modern twist.  Tipper himself will be doing three sets over the weekend with his one-of-a-kind sounds and unrivaled visuals.

The 4321 Event may be a smaller festival, but the energy shared will be massive.  Workshops will be available to attendees, which will discuss sustainable survival, water and the role it plays in life, primitive skills, astronomy and geology.  This is one festival to travel to due to its unique nature (no pun intended), and, of course, to experience the Total Solar Eclipse at 1:17 pm on Monday, August 21st, after a weekend of deepening our roots with the Earth.