Teksupport to Celebrate House Music Legend's 70th Birthday in Brooklyn

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New York house legend Junior Vasquez will play alongside Joseph Capriati and Hex Hector at 99 Scott on Labour Day (September 2).

The Teksupport event will celebrate 70 years of Junior Vasquez. Over the past three decades, Junior has built a legacy as New York’s most formidable house selector and an architect of the global dance music movement. 

Junior helped bring Chicago house and Detroit techno to New York in the 1980s, co-founding the legendary Sound Factory with Christina Visca and being a mainstay at iconic haunts such as Twilo, The Arena at Palladium, Earth at Exit, and Tunnel. 

A crossover maestro, Vasquez’s body of work boasts production in support of the music industry’s most celebrated names in dance-pop. He’s helped the likes of Prince, Janet Jackson, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, and more – even Madonna, whom Junior famously sampled on his immaculate club anthem, “If Madonna Calls.” 

Rounding out house and techno support for the birthday affair will be Italian dance veteran Joseph Capriati and local Grammy-award winning talent Hex Hector. The billing will be fused by world class production from Teksupport, a brand known for transforming raw venues such as 99 Scott into memorable space and dance havens.  

With strong support from curation to production, expect Junior’s rare presence on the live circuit to be an unforgettable, can’t-miss celebration for any house music head.