Soul Bandit Releases Halloween Track ‘The One’

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As Halloween lands this year, so does yet another dark and eerie Soul Bandit track titled ‘The One.’ This comes as another addition to this unique artist’s genre titled ‘ghoul-pop’ as it expands the horizons of what deep and twisted areas a genre can venture into. The track builds with a deep baseline that is intertwined with eerie sounds and emotional vocals that wraps up as an overwhelmingly and satisfying Halloween tune. It’s hard to not sing along to this one, even though there is a lack of words, it comes as a new way to show meaning in a track without the use of the typical verbiage of a normal track.

"Unlike the journey through death and the afterlife that I took people through with the EP “Alone in Life, Together in Death” that I released last Halloween, this year I wanted to do something completely different and totally nonsensical. Funny enough, there actually aren’t even any official lyrics for this song, just sounds. I feel like its human nature to want to know the meaning behind everything to give us a sense of connectivity or something to identify with. But the fact is, we’ll never have all of the answer because some things can’t be explain, and we should be okay with that." 

The Soul Bandit herself, Andi Mattingly, has always been true to her own sound and emotions from the beginning of starting the Soul Bandit project in 2017. A unique and fresh reminder that there are artists in the industry still using their emotions to fuel their own paths in their creative work. With only a few releases this year, this track comes as an exciting match to the fire as Soul Bandit has confirmed at least 8 new tracks this upcoming year with the impression of more to come in the future.

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Stream ‘The One’ by Soul Bandit below!