Soul Bandit Gives Halloween Gift of New EP 'Alone In Life, Together in Death'

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The dark and mysterious Los Angeles based producer / DJ Soul Bandit released her very first EP today entitled "Alone In Life, Together in Death." The four track project is really more like an intro into this young artists sound as listeners get a taste of her up beat and poppy dance vibe while her very dark and unsettling lyrics make you feel just slightly uncomfortable but in the best way possible. It's refreshing to see an artist put her self out there like this as it doesn't take much to really tell that this is Soul Bandit's art. It's raw and a bit un easy as it hits your ear but it's 100% her and you can feel that in every beat. When asked about how she came up with the name for her first official project, Soul Bandit had this to say.
"The title of the EP is as morbid as you interpret it to be. I frequently think about how, despite surrounding ourselves with people, we essentially spend our entire lives alone. We are left to our own devices trying to express our thoughts, feelings, and our individual identities through words and actions. But unfortunately, no one will ever be in our minds with us to truly understand who we are and the realities that we are experiencing. But if we live - regardless of the life we live - we must all eventually experience a death. And death is simply that - death, no matter how look at it. We’re no longer present in this plane of existence, in human form, and that’s all we know. That’s all we can agree on. Everyone looks at a corpse as a corpse, and the corpse thinks nothing at all.

So, alone in life, together in death.
However, this EP was intended to be a representation that the end of the life cycle and post-death experience may be a beginning to something new rather than solely an ending. I think of everything as cyclical and although we don’t fully understand death, it’s comforting to think about it as just another bizarre chapter of life. I know it’s a rather cryptic message, considering the EP is all over the place in terms of genre, but existence in general is strange, confusing, and all over the place, so I felt it was only fitting."


Check out all 4 tracks below and be sure to follow Soul Bandit on Instagram & Spotify