Sonn Releases full EP 'Something, Safe' on Independent

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What began as a seedling in London has blossomed into Sonn’s debut EP on Independent, ‘Something, Safe.’ The record releases today, with the five-piece offering featuring vocalists Lontalius, T.Evann, and Tamu Massif. 


‘Something, Safe’ marks a new direction for the burgeoning talent, inspired by his hometown peers actively in the live music scene. Having come from a background steeped in indie electronica, Sonn began to feel an increasingly close connection to the art of songwriting and collaboration in addition to raw, instrumental sonics. These elements stayed at the forefront of his psyche as he went to take a year-long sabbatical in Penang, Malaysia, where his new interests continued to grow and refine. 


Sonn came back to London refreshed, translating his newly synthesized ideas into what is now ‘Something, Safe.’ The project, written entirely by the artist, centers around its lyricism and buoyant sound. It’s a coming of age tale, covering topics of desire, heartbreak, and growth that begins immediately with its title track—where Sonn sings to a lost lover atop warm synth melodies and broken beat drum patterns. Similarly, the more bittersweet “Colours” captures the feeling of accepting a closed chapter in life and moving on from it.


‘Something, Safe’ takes a turn toward discovery and turning a new leaf via its first singles “Rumours” and “These Days,” where the protagonist steps into their own personhood and pursues new love. “About You” likewise captures the feeling of getting to know someone for the first time.  Through the EP, Sonn creates an air of nostalgia via spacey synth work, soft guitar licks, crackling filters, and hints of piano. This overarching aesthetic makes an apt fit for the EP’s storyline, while paying homage to the nostalgia felt when Sonn reconnected with his friends and family in Penang. 


In half a decade, Sonn has cemented himself as one to watch in the indie space. He began producing at the age of 16, finding success in 2017 with the Ayelle-assisted ‘Lights Out’—which has raked in over four million streams to date. A year later his break arrived with ‘Choke,’ which smashed his previous records with 20 million streams and viral success in the YouTube space. Before Independent, he signed on with Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective with ‘Good Company,’ a lauded collaborative EP written alongside ford. and Hanz. 


With a new path forged in ‘Something, Safe,’ Sonn has ensured a long and fruitful tenure in the alt pop world. 


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