Slightly Stoopid @ Red Rocks Review

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Walking up the gauntlet of stairs that is Red Rocks you could tell that this was no average concert.  This was another round of Slightly Stoopid celebrating 4/20 at Red Rocks, and this was the first legal round ever!  Tribal Seeds slowly came into earshot as you got closer to the gates that lead you into the amazing natural venue of Red Rocks.  Things got started off right with Tribal Seeds.  Once Cypress Hill stepped on stage and started with Insane in the Membrane the crowd lost it.

Cypress Hill kept the party alive, keeping the crowd eager for the next song, slowly building for the main act.  The sun stayed around for as long as possible until light gave way to the windy night ahead.  Cypress delivered an awesome show as always, and then Stoopid rolled up in the Scooby van.

With their music combining sounds of rock, reggae, blues, hip hop, metal and punk, Slightly Stoopid came out strong, fighting for attention between the wind and light snow that had begun at the outside venue.  But even Mother Nature couldn’t keep up once they got started. The snow parted and the wind calmed, eventually giving way to a funky show that was one for the books.

No one could forget that this was the first official 4/20 concert at Red Rocks.  With none other than Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid leading the pack it was a great show whether you were there for 4/20, Earth Day, Record Store Day or just for some great tunes it was a funky raptastic night not to be outdone anytime soon.  If you are planning on going to SunFest, Hangout Festival , California Roots or Jambase Live,you have to check out Slightly Stoopid.

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