Shiftpods: Thee Investment for 2018 Festival Season

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Now that we've officially arrived in the year 2018, there are only a few things on our mind.  What goals are we going to attempt?  What habits are we going to break?  And, of course, how are we going to better prepare ourselves for festival season?!

Unless you only take RVs to festivals, a common thing people bitch about year after year, are flaws with their tents.  From issues with setting up and tearing down, to leaks that spring and tents that flood during storms, and to being affected by extreme weather conditions like cold nights and seemingly desert-like heat, the list of potential "oh-no's" with your temporary homestead can be endless.  

Aside from the issues that can arise with your camping setup on-site, let's just think about how much money we've spent on faulty gear over the years.  For veteran festival-goers, I'm sure the costs are fairly high.  For those like myself who travel to numerous festivals a year, I'm sure you're fed up with dumping money into on-the-go camping gear.

Ready for a solution that will end all the problems mentioned above?  Me too!

The answer is simple...GET A SHIFTPOD!

Shiftpods are spacious, weatherproof (for both hot and cold climates) and reliable.  Another sought-after quality that stems around camping gear is whether or not the product has a warranty.  Every Shiftpod comes with a lifetime warranty.  If anything goes a-rye, the company will fix the issue or simply replace your product.

When it comes to protecting you from those horrifying weather conditions that we've all experienced throughout our festival careers, Shiftpods have got you covered from all directions.  Their unique material, which looks like something NASA would use for a space shuttle, is used both to insulate its patrons when it's cold, as well as, keep the temperature as cool as can be on those hot mornings we dread so much. 

Bottomline, Shiftpods are a prime solution to the many complications attendees experience when it comes to lodging at festivals grounds across the globe.  Start the year off right, pull the trigger and invest in the last tent you'll ever need to buy!