Roy Rosenfeld Takes All Day I Dream on a 'Lift Of Love'

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It feels simply impossible for Roy Rosenfeld to do wrong. His latest EP on All Day I Dream, 'Lift Of Love,' is a melodic masterpiece from start to finish. 

The label veteran names the record after it's title track—a long awaited ID weapon among his sets, and those of Lee Burridge and other favored cohorts in his circle. It's a mysterious, alluring, and almost melancholic piece, with a distinctive hook. He lightens the mood in 'Veetoo,' written alongside Lost Miracle boss Sébastien Léger, which floats along twinkling synths, warm plucks, and melodies that flutter like butterflies. Last but certainly not least is 'Honey,' which might just be an unexpected hit off the record. It simultaneously captures the buoyancy of summer, while setting a bittersweet mood, featuring soft, padded analog chords and drawn out harmonies that amplify the overall sentimentality. 

Roy's a well known hitmaker for All Day I Dream, and in recent years has become a fixture at its events across the world. The progressive talent is also closely tied to Israeli powerhouse Lost&Found, as well as Stil Vor Talent.

Order a copy of the infectious 'Lift Of Love' here 


All Day I Dream · ADID059 - Roy Rosenfeld - Lift Of Love EP