Rebelution Live Review

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Soulfully aware and socially conscious tunes rang through the Congress Theater saturday night as Rebelution planted a seed in the concrete jungle.  A seed that will bloom in its full beauty at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival this Labor Day weekend.  Wesley Finley laid down the backdrop beats for a musical masterpiece.  Marley Williams rose his bass in the air with a positive energetic presence and Eric Rachmany looked forward into the crowd and soaked up the vibes given by a sold out 4/20 crowd.  Hands were raised in the air and lyrics were sung out loud by the dedicated Rebelution fans throughout the evening.  The Santa Barbara band created in 2004 has sparked the well deserved attention of reggae fans around the world.  Combining sounds of roots reggae with a modern southern california twist, he band creates an feeling  that is unmistakably rich in positive and joyful energy.  Rebelution, a band that met in college in 2004, came out with their last album Peace of Mind in 2012 and debuted at #13 on Billboard’s top 200 list.  This band is in full swing on their spring tour and is in the lineups for several festivals including Wakarusa and California Roots.  At the end of the evening, Marley Williams announced to the crowd their addition to the North Coast Music Festival.  The Chicago crowd roared with excitement and approval.  If you are into a cool and positive reggae groove, go see Rebelution.

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