Purity Ring is Added to Lightning in a Bottle!!

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The Do LaB, makers of the the country’s top boutique music and arts festival, Lightning in a Bottle, is pleased to announce the addition of Purity Ring to their 2013 lineup.  Purity Ring is an experimental electronic pop duo from Edmonton, Alberta formed in 2010. Since the release of their first album Shrines, the band has been stunning audiences a selling out shows across the country. The band is original and innovative as Meghan James performs enchanting vocals while Corin Roddick plays instruments including a custom made- tree shaped instrument that drives both sound and lighting. Purity Ring, who already had an amazing performance at Coachella is in the middle of their spring tour and is captivating new fans every day.   The band is a great addition to the already stellar lineup of Lightning in a Bottle including Nicolas Jaar, Rusko, Tycho, Paper Diamond, Emancipator, PANTyRAiD, Lee Burridge, GRiZ and more.  The Do LaB prides their mission as creating experience as art form and bringing it to life using natural materials, found objects and sustainable resources. The Do Lab recently celebrated its 9th year at Coachella and designed a stage at the festival.  Here is a look at what went on!!

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