Paul Moody and the Revelators Release "Get Drunk or Get Married"

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For some of us, February 14th is associated with chocolate, teddy bears, and roses. However, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and neither are mushy love songs. Whether you’re broken hearted, happily flying solo, or just looking for a great song, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the music video “Get Drunk or Get Married” by Paul Moody and The Revelators. The track is off of their album, The Island.


Front man, Paul Moody, is an emerging artist, born and raised in Chicago. He is a superbly talented singer-songwriter with roots in folk music, distinguished by unapologetically authentic lyrics and passionate vocals. Throughout the years, he has relentlessly produced songs that are narrative in nature and deeply expressive of raw humanity. Fans appreciate the emotive storytelling in his lyrics, often prompting listeners to laugh and cry within the same song.  

Moody said that he prioritizes his craft above all else, and uses self-reflection as an anchor in his artistic process. Driven by an innate passion to create, he has tirelessly produced songs over the last decade, some of which “never even saw the light of day.” In addition to soulful songwriting, Moody is also a stunning photographer. Keep an eye on this artist, as he follows his muse down a path of heartwarming self-expression.

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