Paul Kalkbrenner Releases Anticipated 'Speak Up' EP

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Paul Kalkbrenner has returned with a new EP - Speak Up - out now.

Germany's most auspicious techno legend had audiences buzzing when he premiered 2 tracks off Speak Up during a recent live streamed studio session. Now, the EP is finally out, and it's been worth the wait. 

In many ways, Speak Up is a departure for Paul. It sees him going back to his club roots, having grown up listening to Detroit techno in East Berlin. He harkens back to these sounds of old, often exploring classic bass sounds and vocal melodies, which Paul rarely does.

Tracks like Laster in and Check Yourself show Paul's production prowess, using strong percussion and hefty distortion. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Speak Up and Eyes Open, which sees Paul exploring a much more melodic and refined sound. The titular Speak Up stands out on the album for its beautiful melodies and rich vocals. 

Check out the EP below.