Myd Releases Hilarious New Video: Together We Stand

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Myd - the French producer/DJ - has released a brand new video today: Together We Stand

The aptly named singled was actually titled long before the global pandemic and protests. The video is a much needed funny visual, which features Myd dancing passionately for random people all over Los Angeles. He interrupts a local news broadcasts and crashes a Tik-Tok house somewhere up in the hills. Myd never waivers from his dance moves, hogging the spotlight throughout the video.

Together We Stand is actually the first single from Myd's debut album, which will be out in the fall sometime via Ed Banger Records. Myd shared some insights into the single below:

“Together We Stand” talks about a community of people who devote their lives to the community. I wrote most of the album when I was on tour, and after the release of my first EP on Ed Banger, I saw this community around us and the electronic community [as a whole]. It's a bit too cheesy for me to translate it like "hey, everyone is dancing on the dance floor and girls are beautiful," so I chose a different way. I translated it as if it was a community all living together and dedicating a part of their life to the music. It's almost talking about a cult.”


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