Morpei's 'Churchadelic' is a High Powered Churner

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Desert Hearts has a knack for choosing artists on their way to stardom. They did just that with Bolivian climber Morpei, who Mikey signed onto the label for his first EP and a few other singles through 2019. The budding relationship has since borne another work, this time in the form of a peaktime EP titled 'Churchadelic.' It starts off with a sizzler of a title track, which breaks the mach barrier of sound with its speedy tempo and prominent bassline. Classic house elements make it feel particularly timeless. 

The speediness continues in the following 'Acid Martians', which justifies its name with a large dose of 303 action, before chilling out a bit with the Ofier-assisted 'Money Harvey.' After floating along the smooth, almost jazzy synth progressions from 'Money Harvey,' the EP feels like a fitting musical saga and a tribute to Chicago's greatness. Order a copy here 



Morpéi · Morpei - Churchadelic EP (Desert Hearts)