Lighting In a Bottle 2018 Schedule Has Arrived!

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Well, it's finally time for you savages to start planning your musical and spiritual journies during LIB 2018!  Just yesterday, a full breakdown of performances occurring at this year's Lighting In a Bottle (May 23rd - 28th in Bradley, CA) has been released.  I'm not just talking music, either, as LIB brings a whole other dimension of festi performances to the table.

From yoga sessions to a plethora of workshops and talks, LIB provides a shit-ton of 'extras' for attendees to participate in while on-site.  Education on health and wellness will be up for the taking throughout the week/end, as well; if you're into that sort of thing (YOU should be!).

Other heady activities one can partake in during LIB include a Soapbox Derby, a 5K run (damn!), sit-down dinners, de botchery, art classes, meditation sessions, dance classes, sculping, Bow Drill fire-making (whatever that means/sound LIT), crafting, boat parties, taco parties and much more.

When it comes to music and vibes, LIB is bringing the heat per usual.  The Lighting In a Bottle lineup features Tipper, ZHU, Nicole Moudabar, Walker & Royce, Will Clarke, The Black Madonna, MK, Emancipator, Beats Antique, GRiZ, Rodriguez Jr., The Glitch Mob, Girrafage, Edamame and a laundry list of other talents.  The music and vibes will unfold atop dope stages curated specifically for LIB.

As far as visuals are concerned, buckle-up party people because Android Jones is about to blast your olives off like they've never been before!  DON'T MISS IT!

I realize there's a lot to take advantage of at LIB, and who's kidding, if you miss something mind-blowing, you're going to regret it.  Best thing to do in this situation is DOWNLOAD the LIB 2018 APP.  You can study the map of this one-of-a-kind festival venue while you're at it.

Lighting In a Bottle tickets are still up for grabs.  I also want to point out that it's apparently a "pro tip" to go Wednesday.  So make it happen if at all possible.  Early Arrival ticketing options, in addition to many other packages, are available by clicking the link below.