Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Release Sought-After Collaborative LP, 'Melt'

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After over 30 years spent as a rave legend, Lee Burridge has finally released his debut album Melt—which was written alongside fellow house icon Lost Desert and released on their collective label home, All Day I Dream. The album takes place across ten singular tunes, each carefully molded to fit the ultimate themes of love and connection. Melodic, mellow, and bursting with vibrant instrumentation and impactful dynamics, the collaborators have realized a musical embodiment of the joy and wonder present at each All Day I Dream party. It twists and turns through valleys of ethereal ambient and sparkling deep house, making for a captivating and cohesive listen from start to finish that works on the dancefloor, at home, or even during a meditative yoga session. The sentiment of each track is palpable, with Lost Desert and Lee Burridge each pouring their hearts into the finished products. Melt is a true milestone of a release for both parties, and we suspect its tracks will be rinsed throughout the underground for years to come.

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