Kasbo Unveils Two New Singles “Staying In Love ft. Nea” and “Skogsrå” from Forthcoming Album, The Making of a Paracosm

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Today, Kasbo has dropped not just one but two new singles, “Staying In Love ft. Nea" and “Skogsrå” from his upcoming sophomore album, “The Making of a Paracosm”. The newest album from Kasbo is due out October 23 on Foreign Family Collective/Counter Records. The two new releases join previously released singles from the album “Show You” and “Play Pretend”.


Staying In Love centers on the relatable struggle of holding on to a relationship and not letting love fade away. With strong vocals from fellow Swedish singer/songwriter Nea and Kasbo’s unique genre-bending production, the track is a nod to both artists’ complementary styles and talents. The artists have shown that they’ve worked together well in the past with the single “Bleed It Out” and this track is a demonstration of their continued growth and undeniable chemistry.


The second track, Skogsrå, is a single that draws on Swedish storytelling from Kasbo’s upbringing and shows the limitless possibilities that his creativity brings to his music. It’s intriguing and different from much of Kasbo’s previous work, but at the same time a captivating listen certain to bring you into an entirely different world. Kasbo digs deep into what went into the track:


On “Skogsrå” Kasbo notes -- “I was in a bit of a dry spell when I made Skogsrå. I remember deciding that I had to make a song a day, to stop overthinking the music and lose the pressure of every song I made needing to be perfect or ideal for the album. I think I made Skogsrå on day 4, and it’s the most polarizing and unconventional song I’ve made to date. It’s so aggressive and ravey in such a fun and cool way and different from anything I’ve heard. For the vocals, me and Ourchives were in the studio one day and felt like the song had almost a predatorial feel to it, which spawned the idea of writing lyrics about a “Skogsrå” which is a female Swedish mythical creature, who pretty much hunts men in the forest. We knew we wanted to write from the perspective of the Skogsrå who is slowly familiarizing herself with her instincts and found Tove who had the perfect voice and delivery to fully paint the picture. We ended up with a song that turned out to be what I consider one of my most interesting works to date.”


Based on the four remarkable singles Kasbo has put out so far, it will be exciting to see what the rest of The Making of a Paracosm has in store for us this October 23.


Stream and purchase “Staying In Love” // “Skogsrå” HERE.