Justin Jay gets trippy on new EP Future Feels, out now on Desert Hearts Records

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Justin Jay brings all the vibes on his latest release Future Feels. The two-piece EP is a playful reflection of the artist's vibrant, performative energy while exploring futuristic soundscapes. 

'Future Feels' carries a melodic spirit through feminine vocals and soft inflections upon breaking into a sexy flurry of trippy synths. This vivacity continues onto the B-side, 'Raver Tools,' with a striking combination of fleshy synths, dynamic vocal samples and beefy bass. 

This is the Southern Californian native's first release on Desert Hearts Records. Listen to Future Feels here

While the DJ and producer's career began in his dorm room, he has since developed a heavy popularity stateside. A key member of the Dirtybird flock, Jay is currently touring North America in celebration of the third anniversary of Fantastic Voyage.