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Bass music lovers across the spectrum have long awaited the 5th iteration of Imagine Music Festival (IMF), which is creeping around the corner in just a few short days. Having revamped Atlanta’s music scene with the introduction of its infectious energy years ago, the aquatic fairy-tale themed throwdown returns to the Atlanta Motor Speedway this September 21-23 for yet another round of rowdiness.

World-renowned headliners including Bassnectar, Armin van Buuren and Kaskade will be in attendance. Supporting talent spans the likes of everything from tech house to UK dubstep to hardstyle, dishing out decadent tunes for everyone to enjoy. With this wide range of weird and wonderful electronic music, you might find yourself ridden with anxiety thinking about running stage to stage in a maniacal manner, attempting to catch your favorite sets. However, we have to look past the hype and big names sometimes to catch the next major producer, DJ or band; you never know, some seemingly no-name artist or group could wind up being your next go-to groove.

Zen Selekta is one of the baddest in the ATL bass music scene, and her Middle Eastern influenced dubstep entrances crowds with a deep, dangerous energy. 21-year old Nicole Barton may seem like a novice because of her age, but do not be fooled – her performance is unparalleled, and her deliverance is downright disgusting, hence why she earned a spot playing at major events like Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival. Catch her on the Amazonia Stage on Saturday the 22nd at 4:30 P.M.

Edgy, aggressive and relentlessly rigid are a few appropriate terms coined for the tantalizing trio from London known as Ivy Lab. A crushing collaboration between producers Sabre, Stray, and Halogenix, this group is a force to be reckoned with in the world of drum ‘n’ bass – yet they exceed expectations by specializing in a variety of dark bass music. Step into the world of Ivy Lab at the Aeria Stage of IMF, Saturday the 22nd at 10 P.M.

Serenading his fans with silky, sexy techno and house tunes is an artist by the name of Ari El. This New York native is notorious for his Dark Vocals project, a series of mixes that delve deep into the timeless sound of rave music with danceable beats and a thumping bassline. His set is sure to have you shuffling like a madman around the Disco Inferno Stage, Sunday the 23rd at 5:50 P.M.

In the midst of all this madness, it’s imperative that you take some time out of your day to rejuvenate and regenerate your senses in order to keep the party going all weekend long. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race – which is why IMF has you covered by offering activities that will realign your mind, body and soul, keeping you feeling day one good for all three days.

As seen on the IMF website:

Friday - iEssence - (Breath-Dance-Meditate) 

A revolutionary experience utilizing Holotropic breathing, Ecstatic dance and sacred meditation this will be true opening ceremony connecting us together as ONE with live instrumentalist, DJ, and Nadi "Rose Hip" Hangover Drink. 

Saturday - Detox|Retox – (Yoga-Fitness-Dance)

Buckle up Imagine! Detox|Retox is on its way and we can’t wait to party down with you. Prepare for a yoga-fitness-dance experience with a twist. We got you covered with a LIVE DJ, a mix of kick-ass instructors and instrumentalist from best studios in Atlanta!

Sunday - Wim Hof Workshop Experience with ICE
The Wim Hof Method is a scientifically validated way to tap into the hidden power of oxygen and cold exposure; two natural resources that used to be part of our everyday lives throughout most of our evolutionary history, but that have been almost completely lost to the comforts of modern society.  With the WHM you can unlock the potential inside yourself, and open the door to an array of health benefits. The Wim Hof Method rests on three distinct pillars: Breathing, Cold Exposure & Mindset/Focus.

Imagine Music Festival has pulled out all the stops for their fifth anniversary, and the feels are more than real as this magical gathering awaits us in just a few days. Gather your festy squad and get ready for another year of memories at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Find Imagine Festival Tickets by clicking the link below.


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