GNTN's 'Surround' Brings Us Back to the Warehouse

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The young production partners GNTN have made a splash across Europe of late, playing many of the continent's revered venues whilst releasing on labels like Stil Vor Talent, Yoshitoshi, and Einmusika. Today, they bring their talents across the pond to Desert Hearts Black—which serves as a fitting label home for their brooding melodic techno aesthetic. 

‘Surround’ aligns well with the signature GNTN sound. Both pieces are filled with energy, each anchored by heavy kicks and subtle, yet strong bass. Analog synths additionally play a starring role in ‘Surround,’ arranged into darkened melodies in the EP’s title track while taking a more melancholic direction in the closer, ‘Solstice.’ GNTN also invited fellow Desert Hearts Black alumnus Luke Alessi into the mix, with the Aussie talent injects amplifying 'Surround's' mood with added percussion and lo-fi filters.

Grab a copy today and get ready to dance.


GNTN · GNTN - Surround EP (Desert Hearts Black)