George Clinton & P-Funk with Fishbone @ Pioneer Courthouse Square

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     July 29th marked another unforgettable evening for the True West and PDX Live summer concert series in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Portland's premier outdoor event space was filled Friday night with funk lovers paying homage to the genre's biggest icon, George Clinton, and his Parliament Funkadelic collective, who are once again on their divine mission to bring the funk to the people one city at a time. Along for the One Nation Under A Groove Tour are the Pimps of Joytime, The MOTET, Blue Eye Extinction, and zany ska-punk figureheads Fishbone. 

     Clinton's P-Funk outfit consisted of original members, their children, as well as fresh, high-energy talent. Together, this massive cast shared the spotlight with the father of funk, honoring his life's works. Even at 81, Clinton kept up with the best of them, captivating the crowded cityscape with the same level of entertainment he would have exhibited 40 years prior.