Afterlife Presents a New EP From Innellea - Five Phases - Reflected Wisdom

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He returns to Afterlife with an instalment from his ambitious live project: Five Phases*
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‘Forced Adaptation’ growls with ominous venom. Midway through, we encounter a neon-tinged breakdown designed to ignite the dance floor. ‘Reflected Wisdom’ has a little more urgency and jaunty energy, Innellea bringing the electrified funk…
*Five Phases is a series of releases and an upcoming extended Live Set journey, taking the audience in five phases from birth to death. From light to light in an audiovisual reflection of life: The Awakening – Rebellious Learning – Forced Adoption – Reflected Wisdom – The Conclusion. This EP represents the third and fourth phase of life. Forced Adoption and Reflected Wisdom.
Artist(s): Innellea
Title: Five Phases - Reflected Wisdom
Record Label: Afterlife
Cat.Number: AL074
Release Date: 27th January 2023


1) Innellea - Reflected Wisdom - Five Phases Project (4/5)


 2) Innellea - Forced Adaptation - Five Phases Project (3/5)